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Although an undeniably positive evolution, globalization has also had its negative influences on all areas of life, more specifically concerning both personal safety and the protection of investments located in critical areas around the globe.

Security therefore, has taken the forefront in international, governmental and corporate strategies.

A significant lack of sufficiently secure and safe conditions prevents and even jeopardizes economic developments and corporate expansion, and nowadays even sports events have become “high-risk” operations!

There is a steadily increasing need for qualified Protection Specialists capable of providing services related to the protection of assets, transportation, public events and VIPs such as experts, engineers, journalists, medics and even UN employees.

Countries, companies and organizations worldwide are currently reestablishing themselves in order to fill the void in the security field.

We all witness and even take part in the special process that is occurring in many countries.  There is a growing tendency of the authorities to transfer to security companies more responsibility for various security missions, traditionally held in the past by the law enforcement sector.

The first international Co-operative of Protection enterprises
for a safer and better secure world’s society


Integrated Protection Teams (I.P.T) is a Multinational Protection Specialist’s Network, which was established in 1987 by Mr. Mirza David the Founder and CEO of ISA-ISRAEL.

The Network associates firms or individuals’ graduates trained and certified as ELITE PROTECTION OPERATIVE & OPERATIONAL CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER by the International Security Academy – Israel from various countries worldwide and they are defined as IPT’s Members.

I.P.T Network’s Objectives

Mr. Mirza David created an association of certified ISA – ISRAEL Graduates in order to:

  1. Provide an International infrastructure/network of professional and well-qualified Protection service personnel from various nationalities and countries that will serve and assist the entire world Protection service provider’s industry. Our goal is to provide the best, most efficient, reliable, professional and cost-effective Protection services to protégées with emphasis on Protection missions over seas.
  2. The Network was established due to the understanding that it is very difficult to acquire Protection services from one country to another. It is unprofessional, inefficient and unreliable to persuade a client that the service is not hurt by setbacks such as:
  • Lack of sufficient means or weapons required for the protection due to local rules and regulations.
  • Various limitations, social norms and other reasons that prevent the efficient function of a protection team transiting from one country to another.

Unnecessary expenses for flying in and flying back foreign protection teams. 


  • The Network’s mode of operation guarantees professional, efficient and effective Protection Services worldwide, thus improving the credibility and status of this unique security branch.
  • The structure of this Network is very economical because in each country the required services can be provided by a local professional protection team, thus significantly minimizing the need to “import” expensive protection teams to and from different countries.
  • The difficulties that arise, such as language, knowing the surroundings and the need for assistance from professional working connections (at times also from the authorities) are all resolved within the Network and its activities.

The Network Specialization

  • Setting up Comprehensive Protection Systems for various Assets by:
  • Operating a security survey and risk analyses
  • Development of Protection concepts.
  • Design of operational and emergency procedures.
  • Design of security engineering.
  • Training personnel.
  • Providing trained, qualified and certified protection personnel and management for DIRECT EMPLOYMENT by the client.
  • Setting up and provision of Protection arrays for Protégés and/or their families covering both routine and emergency situations.
  • Coordinating Special Protection tasks (Maritime, Aviation, land transportation).
  • Information, Data, Intelligence & Knowledge Gathering and Protection
    Design of Protection systems and procedures for the prevention of Cyber Terrorism, Business Espionage, Theft & Sabotage threats. Ensuring the Optimal organization’s assets security.

The Network’s Mode of Operation

  • The International Headquarters and operation center of the Network is in Switzerland & Israel and keeps daily contacts with many Executive protection consumers (Protégées) or their employees from various countries.
  • The International Headquarters and operation center of the Network keeps in contact daily with Executive Protection service provision centers WORLDWIDE.
  • The Executive protection consumers (Protégées) or their employees can call or contact 24/7 the Network’s operative members anywhere in the world on a routine contract or for emergency situations via the International Headquarters and operation center of the Network.
  • The International Headquarters and operation center of the Network offers to the Protection clientele direct employment of suitable trained and certified Protection Specialists for a short or long employment period.
  • All Members of the Network render their services to clients within their home region or country, but the day-to-day contact between the members worldwide and their colleagues provides a platform for each member to continue giving reliable, efficient and professional services MAINLY BEYOND the boundaries of their home region or country.
  • Colleagues – Non members or Clients requiring Protection services can approach any I.P.T Member that has the access to the large Multinational pool of   Protection Specialists with professional knowledge and experience worldwide, without any interference whatsoever.

Rules for the Network’s Members

  • All ISA – ISRAEL students pass theirs state police and the Israeli defence ministry security clearance prior to joining the qualification.
  • Only associates Member’s firms with minimum a trained and certified ELITE PROTECTION OPERATIVE or an OPERATIONAL CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER by the International Security Academy – Israel are defined as IPT’s Members are entitled to become members of the Network.
  • International Security Academy – Israelcertification is required in order to secure professional standard and efficient services, all members of the Network have agreed that the authorization to bear the Network’s name (special identification card) is conditioned by the compliance with the rules and regulations, thus preventing any damage to the Network or to the services it gives.
  • The rules or regulations do not limit the working ability or business maneuvering of its various members; on the contrary, they are designed to ensure a high professional level of all the companies who worked for the encouragement and development of the VIP Protection field throughout the world.
  • The Network remains neutral in conveying the various requirements and demands of customers to the members in the country where the services are rendered.
  • The Network guarantees a high and professional level of qualification to its members, but is not responsible for the various business contacts among the members or between the members and their customers.
  • Positive or negative information regarding the functioning of various members in their customer service will be supplied to all Network

Executive Protection service provision centers

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