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Management Qualification Institute

Invitation to participate

I am honored to present to you and your esteemed institute/organization the ultimate and most up to date program, the “Israeli Leadership & Security Management Studies for the 21st Century”, that contains knowledge and experience that has proven successful since the founding of the state of Israel.

We invite all past and present educators’ to invest in the world’s future Security Management leadership. It is time to invest in a better and more promising future for the generations to come.

The ISA – ISRAEL has decided to approach all the universities, colleges and institutes of higher education in the world to offer TRAIN THE TRAINER qualification for special Leadership & Security Management Studies programs (short & long term), in order to share the practical know how and expertize accumulated by the Israelis after 67 years of struggling against violent crime and terrorism.

Security Management & Leadership studies – Introductory training

We invite institutes to send a delegation to participate in our 5 day Leadership & Security Management Studies introductory training. Your delegates will act as your “eyes and ears” in order to study the program’s concept and report the remarkable model of this educational/preparatory innovation.

Our faculty experts will present and advise on our offered program’s syllabus in general and in particular our practical educational concepts and methodology also for the empowerment and the development of youth inner strength based leadership to become superior leaders in tomorrow’s society.

If the program is found suitable for the institute’s needs, after the review by their delegation, the institute will have the privilege to progress to STAGE 2 and send to the LSMF – ISRAEL a delegation of 4 candidates to participate in the TRAIN the TRAINER qualification quest for the qualification and certification of the University’s MENTORS.

These MENTORS will be in charge to establish and run similar education and training programs, (short or long term) adjusted to their institutes needs with all of the required guidance and support from ISA – ISRAEL during the first 3 years program to be run in their own institute.

Sincerely yours,
Miri Gadot – CEO


The Security Management & Leadership Institute is the first Academic & Practical Security Management qualification institute that was founded by the International Security Academy – Israel, a practical training center for Elite protection personnel and Management from the governmental and civilian sectors worldwide founded on 1987 by Mr. Mirza David.

Our Israeli based organization has analyzed the many factors that produce and enable violent crime and terrorism to exist. Years of experience in police and military special units as well as various security establishments have allowed us to analyze many factors that produce and enable “Bad guys” action. We have many years of hands-on experience in understanding the mind-sets of violent offenders and terrorists and how they operate.

Our team at the International Security Academy – Israel has been directly involved for years in developing strategies to cope with various forms of terrorism. We are devoted to developing innovative and effective methods of combating violent offenders and terrorists.

We are a proactive organization that provides our students with unique and effective tools and strategies for dealing with all forms of terrorism and violent behavior. Those who experience training at the I.S.A – ISRAEL improve their practical skills and understanding of their adversary. Our instruction empowers our graduates to effectively combat violence and/or terrorism.

We have developed programs that offer our students practical training that is taught by seasoned professionals. Our methods involve intense counter violent crime and terrorism simulations that utilize proven methods of handling threatening situations. Participants engage in a variety of drills and training that prepares them to handle potential attackers, kidnappers, stalkers and terrorists.

Our programs include many topics intended to improve the mental and physical capabilities of our students as they learn to deal with violence and terrorism worldwide.


The prevention, intervention, and suppression of violent crime and terrorism worldwide by sharing our unique methodology and practical experience gained in Israel with colleagues worldwide.


  • Our secret weapon is the development of the inner-strength from each individual (The Human Factor!). Technology and accessories are always secondary or
  • Our instruction methods, knowledge, and training improve the mental and physical abilities of our trainees, thus improving their confidence and enabling them to perform extremely well under stress in emergency
  • Our trainees originate from diversified backgrounds, and participate to create amicable training relationships.

Insight – International security industry future trend and requirements

Criminals, separatists, fundamentalists and Terrorists are always trying to capitalize on the advancement of growing nations. These countries are striving to achieve economic development through foreign investment; however, a significant lack of secure and safe conditions prevents and even jeopardizes economic developments and corporate expansion. Creating an increasing need for services related to the protection of assets and VIPs such as experts, engineers, journalists, people with sensitive knowledge, and facilities holding sensitive or valuable materials and assets.

While businesses and government policy are evolving to fit the modern globalized international environment, the threats of both crime and terrorism have followed suit and have also become globalized. This has caused countries, companies and organizations worldwide to re-establish themselves to fill the void in the security field. Security, has taken the forefront in international, governmental and corporate strategies and the need for qualified protection specialists, consultants and advisers is paramount. Both governments and private companies are developing methods and tactics to stay one-step ahead of these threats and these professionals are the key to success in doing so.

There is a growing tendency for the authorities to transfer public security missions traditionally held by law enforcement to private security companies/organizations, endowing them with the responsibility for the public’s safety now more than ever before.

With the increase in the amount and scope of threats, businesses, the public, the state and other bodies realize that in our times the job of the Chief of Security is crucial for the success of any organization.

The Chief of Security has numerous responsibilities and though his actions will depend on the character, activities and location of the organization he will work for, his job will always inevitably involve detecting the weak points of the organization and securing them. His duty is to prevent any harm to his organization through all means placed at his disposal.

In view of the new threat environment, many countries worldwide are entering in a process of upgrading their professional security requirements and will no doubt review their regulations, implement and enforce the CHIEF OF SECURITY as a mandatory post in various organizations and companies. Each state “regulator” can be expected to exert and exact greater demand from the person in that post, and it may not be good enough merely being an ex-military (SAS, Navy Seal) or a police officer. These key personnel will need major security and professional upgrades to mitigate and overcome the potential threat in each one of our homelands.

In the Military
The company’s commander is the most influential leader in the infantry battlefield!

In the International Security Industry
The OPERATIONAL CHIEF OF SECURITY is the most influential leader in the security array!




Greek Gods were down-to-earth and “less awesome” than the remote gods of the East. Because they were endowed with human qualities and often represented aspects of the physical world – such as the sun, the moon, and the sea – they were closer to humankind and to the world, they lived in. The Greeks, therefore, found spiritual satisfaction in the ordinary, everyday world. They developed a secular life free from the domination of a priesthood that exacted to pay homage to gods. The goal of education in the Greek culture was to produce citizens trained in the arts of both peace and war.


Spartans believed in a life of discipline, self-denial, and simplicity. They were very loyal to the state of Sparta. Their purpose of education was to produce a well-drilled, well-disciplined marching army. Every Spartan, male or female, was required to have a perfect body. The goal of education in the Spartan culture was to produce mentally & physically empowered soldier-citizens.


“Out of the box” Israeli leadership & Security Management Studies for the 21st century

“Adding practical experience to an academic environment”


The LSMF – ISRAEL’s Security Management & Leadership Program’s are the most up to date Academic & Practical qualification programs launched for the International Homeland/Domestic security industry. The programs are the most comprehensive and enhancing programs offered to those who wish to be the best.

What makes our program the most comprehensive, is that it is unique in its field; the Security Management & Leadership Program’s are multidisciplinary courses that combines both the academic theoretical aspect of Security Management & Leadership as well as a practical application in both security and counter crime or terrorism. Graduates of our program will finish the degree with real world and practical experience in the security industry and will be prepared for positions within the Governmental & Civilian Homeland/Domestic security  domains.

The program’s overarching mission is to produce a new generation of security executives, analysts, policymakers, and scholars fully knowledgeable about the range of international and national security issues of the 21st Century. The syllabus has over 67 years of Israeli and worldwide experience for preparing students with a wide range of backgrounds to become leaders in their fields.

The Security Management & Leadership Program’s curriculums are designed to give students an array of course options which provide a solid foundation in core security issues. The depth and breadth of its course offerings stimulate students to pursue their intellectual and professional interests and develop their own areas of specialization, whether it is traditional intelligence and defense analysis, international security problems in general, emerging issues such as counter terrorism measures or public empowerment.

The faculty comprises leading scholars and practitioners in security affairs. Our Institute has years of distinguished service in the Israeli government. Classroom instruction is consequently enriched with an understanding and appreciation of the real world issues with which security executives, commanders and leaders have to contend. The result is a program that combines the best of both worlds— Academic and Practical relevance.


Our program has combined many disciplines together to teach our students the information that is necessary for them to be future leaders in creating policy and installing security measures to effectively fight violent crime and terrorism in their country. When trying to upgrade security, and reduce the threat of terrorism in a country, it is important for future policy makers and the security establishment to be well versed in the social sciences, such as political science and security studies, as well as psychology, sociology, criminology, law, economics, history and anthropology.

Knowledge of all of these disciplines will greatly enhance their ability to make policy decisions and understand the root causes of their security problems, the people that cause these issues, why these people do it, how these security problems effect the government, the public and the economy, the legal ramifications of government decisions, and how their decisions will affect the country’s economy and the world economy. This theoretical understanding will equip graduates of this program with the necessary skills and know how to successfully combat crime and terrorism and create effective policy for the future.

Our Training programs are different, special and unique; we supply each participant with an unforgettable practical experience.


Security Management & Leadership Studies = B.A = Chief Security Officer
Specialization in Security & Counter Terrorism program = M.A = Analyst, Consultant

To obtain these objectives we have freed ourselves of all possible barriers, such as Religion, Language, Political Conflicts, etc. and wish for all participants to not bring such issues to the table in the interest of the security of the world as a whole.

We hope to inspire educators worldwide

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