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The practical training was permanently imperious on a high standard and through this Whether alone or in the team. The theory didn’t come and this too briefly Material is theoretical is of the finest. Dealing with weapons permanently was practiced, what is also very important. The part martial arts permanently was exercised and was stealing strength very much (A good sporting preparation is very important) Disadvantages: One could come more in on the driving and form as well as on etiquette manuals, plenty of time would be to it One should take the sporting test at the beginning of the course at once, And one should emphasize this also Instructor: All the instructors were experienced in her area and very help rich as well as very kind. What one also noticed at the education. Result: The Internaional Security School in Israel is, one of the best schools of these in any case take Worldwide: I will return if I get the possibility again !!!
All the best for the Staff. Chris


The courses were excellent, you could not get better courses anywhere in the world. I enjoyed techniques with both pistol and SMG. Very friendly approach and very good instruction by experienced staff, no doubt top in the world in their field. The course has given me a lot, it has also given me a lot of self confidence. Thanks for making me a better person. I highly recommend ISA courses over all others as I know they are the best close protection trainings, bar one. I am sure to be taken under the wing of such an organization as the ISA will set my career on the strongest foundations possible.

Ilija Iliev

From: USA
I would like to say that I enjoyed my training at ISA very much. As an instructor in the US, I enjoyed the reality based, physically challenging training oh so much. I have to admit it is one of the best, and most physically challenging courses I have attended.
Instead of sitting in a classroom, going on sight seeing trips, we actually performed real ops in the field, as controlled as they could be. Enough can not be said of learning by doing. Working and training with other personnel from other parts of the world was the most rewarding. Forging friendships and being in the network of security operatives world wide is the best.
I personally recommend ISA if you are physically and mentally up to the challenge. I look forward to returning to visit Israel in the future, visiting some old friends and attending more courses.
Daniel Dancer (Dani)

Daniel Dancer

From: South-Africa
Good Day Guys and Girls I have spend 10 years in the South African Police Service and have never in the 10 years experience the intense,constructive and practical training as what I received at the Academy. To anyone that’s thinking of going it’s worth every cent. I really liked it and will be going again in the future. Keep Safe All. Chris Walker Cape Town South-Africa

Chris Walker

From: Denmark
Training in Israel In 2004 I attained the 3 week VPO(CPO) course at ISA. I was seeking the very best VIP course in the industry and found it at ISA. There professionalisme, training program and instructors gave me the back bone for a life as VPO. Not a day goes by, where I do not appreciate the methods and tactics, the personal development, and the mental strength I got through ISA. I can only give them my depest recommendations.
Best regards Mikael Rasmussen (Miky from Denmark)

Mikael Rasmussen

From: SERBIA I’m full of positive impression, i’m never experience something like that. We can talk about that for hours, but the best way to feel that is to come and join other friends in Security Academy – Israel Best Wishis Branislav Cosic Kovin Serbia

Branislav Cosic

From: Portugal People thank you for the weeks of trainning in Herzelyia you are the best filing like the best and translaite for the otheres a confidence extreme to make the best.

Paulo Canario

From: USA
Shalom Yeal,
I have been back at my camp in Iraq just about a week now and though I missed you all I did have an enjoyable holiday touring London and Paris for a few days before journey back here.
I hope all are well and I ask that you keep pushing Jermiah and Igal, so that they can reach their potential.
Now that I have had a few weeks to allow the whole expirence to set in, I am so grateful that I attended the class, not only were you and the rest of the staff fabulous, but I truly enjoyed the mix of students the most.
I have many decisions to make on my future over the next three months, but I fully intend on seeing you all again. I have fond memories of my short time there and fully plan on being back.
Thank you for everything and tell everyone I said hello and wish them well.
Roy Sherma

Roy Sherman

From: Brazil Had been trained in 2002, to everybody that looking for a excelent school, please enjoy the ISA, mr Mirza and Mr Zafrir are excelent instructors and gentlemans.


From: Ireland
My name is seamus o droigneain. I trained over in macidonia on the close protection officer course and then went on to do the vip course in isreal.since ive came back i have recieved a managerial position in an irish company called sword security. they supply retail,event,static and vip security. i got this job as a direct result of the training i did with the I.S.A they required me to pass a physical and theeoretical exam and i found the training i recieved in isreal extreamly help full. hope to see you all agen this year

Seamus o droigneain

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